The Defense

Now with the goalie situation figured out the next problem to solve is the defense. With only four proven D-men for the Hawks they need at least one more and probably two. They have John Scott who played last year in Minnesota however there are now rumors that rumors that he will play offense. That is just speculation. Even if he does play D he is only fit to be a 7th D-Man on the roster similar to how Jordan Hendry was this past year. Don’t expect Hendry to play too many games either.

My source says Stan Bowman feels that he has plenty of forwards in Rockford that can play but not many D-Men. The two top D-Men in the system this upcoming season are Nick Leddy and Shawn Lalonde. I was told that if the Hawks fail to gain two new defense men these two will take over the 3rd D line. If they have to only call up one it will be Lalonde because his salary is lower however that could possibly change. I was told not to count on these two being everyday players. If they do gain two free agent defense men, which the teams desire, than Leddy and Lalonde will go back down to Rockford for more seasoning.

Nick Leddy at University of Minnesota

The first two lines are frozen solid:

Line 1-Kieth Seabrook

Line 2- Hjalmersson Campbell

There is no word yet on who the defense men are that the Hawks were looking into signing however there is word that they are in the hunt for one more cheap defensive forward. One candidate is rumored to be Marc-Andre Bergeron.


2 responses

  1. Dave

    Tell your “source inside the scouting department” Marc-Andre Bergeron is a defenseman. And not a defensive forward.

    Inform your “source” Jordan Hendry is in the fold and will be one-half of the third defensive pairing.

    Also, your “source” probably should know Nick Leddy is penciled in for an entire year at Rockford – at the very least. He’s 19, underdeveloped and in need of a ton of minutes to hone his game at a lower level.

    And if I were you, I’d fine another “source”.

    August 4, 2010 at 6:59 am

    • Sorry that should have been more clear. Marc-Andre Bergeron is a canidate for one of the Defensemen. Right now Jordan Hendry is in the fold, they are trying to get him out. Nick Leddy has a legit change to make the team if they fail to sign 2 more D-men which is very unlikely.

      August 4, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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